Ronald Woodland

Senior – Wing

6’0 – 175

2017-18 Preview: Ronald is a tough and scrappy wing player whose grit is a key feature of his game. He is never shy about wanting the guard the best player on the other team. His ability to lead by example encourages his teammates to follow suit. Ronald’s maturity and attention to detail is why he is one of the leaders of this young team. The team will be looking for him to do all of the little things on the court and off in order for them to be successful this season.

Past Seasons: Ronald is a four year varsity player as of this season. Last season as a junior, he appeared in 20 games where he started all of those games and averaged about 8 points per game. He played much bigger than his size and led the team on and off the court.

Personal: Ronald Woodland, Jr. was born on 1/25/00. He is the son of Constance Shaw and Ronald Woodland. He attended Cass Street School for middle school where he played for Coach Keys. His favorite subject at Hamilton is Math with. The Cleveland Cavilers are Rock’s favorite basketball team and if he could pick any food to eat, it would be the first thing he saw.

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