Game Recap: Green Bay Preble

The Hamilton Wildcats played their second game of the season Saturday night against Green Bay Preble. All three levels made the journey up to Green Bay where they were all seeking their first win of the season. This would be the first game of the season for Preble and the first time these teams had met in 6 years.

The Wildcats came out strong and enjoyed a double digit lead in the first half led by Keontae White’s 17 first half points. Their quickness and athleticism allowed them to play the passing lanes well on defense and score a lot of easy baskets in transition. However, the Hornets fought back behind senior guard Camden Wall who scored 25 points on the night. They were able to tie the game right before halftime. A few late free throws gave the Wildcats a 36-33 halftime lead.

The Wildcats came out on a mission in the second half. They were able to compile consecutive stops on defense which led to easy opportunities. Saturday night also saw the awakening of junior guard Marquis Barry who got hot and hit 4 three pointers in the second half. The Wildcats finished the game on a strong run and finished by winning 87-61 for their first victory of the season.

The Wildcats will face Franklin next in the Terry Porter Classic at South Division Saturday, December 2 and 3pm.